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Vitiligo and its Natural Herbal Treatment

Vitiligo Natural

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Skin diseases are getting increasingly common in the recent years. One of the causes might have been the increasingly polluting environment, which has made skin diseases much more common recently. One such skin disease is vitiligo. Herbal medications are just as effective as allopathic medication, and are getting quite common to treat different diseases, especially in the non-Western part of the World. And they work! Herbal Vitiligo Organics are also used to treat vitiligo organically, which you can get from our website.


What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that is characterized by discoloration of skin at different areas. As such, patches form on the skin where it takes on a whitish appearance. This is due to the disappearance of melanin, a pigment that controls color in our body, at different parts of the skin. The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. It seems to have a genetic bias, where an autoimmune disease destroys the color pigments in skin thereby causing vitiligo. The family condition is quite important in the case study of vitiligo, as is the presence of other autoimmune diseases. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease, so it would not be transferred from person to person. However, it may spread into the body.


There are various symptoms of vitiligo in addition to discolored skin. The discolored area of skin is whitened and there are often sharp margins on the skin. In addition to this, the hair on skin also loses their pigments and become white, just like the skin patches are discolored. Vitiligo is more prominent in people with a dark skin tone. Vitiligo has also been associated with exposure to sun, and many a times patches are formed on areas that are constantly exposed to the sun, such as the hands. Sometimes itching is a prerequisite to the discoloration of skin. Skin pigmentation is more susceptible around the orifices of the body, such as mouth. Patches usually start off small and grow in size.

Broadly, there are two types of vitiligo. One of them is segmental and the other is referred to as non-segmental. Segmental cases are comparatively rare as they account for only 10 percent of all the cases. Segmental cases are characterized by the vitiligo being confined to only one part of the body whereas non-segmental cases are where vitiligo is present on both sides. Similarly, non-segmental cases can spread in the skin but segmental cases are usually confined to the original patches.


Why is vitiligo spreading?

While there is no certain factor that has been identified beyond a reasonable doubt as the cause of vitiligo, the disease seems to be connected with the immune system. The currently accepted hypothesis for the cause of vitiligo is that it is multifactorial, meaning that it has more than one cause, with genetic predisposition as well as environmental factors playing some kind of environmental factors. Another hypothesis, although less believed in, is that vitiligo has some kind of connection with sunburns, which either cause or aggravate vitiligo. There is some association of vitiligo with gluten consumption as well.

The immune system has a link with vitiligo. Genetic problems can also increase the chances of vitiligo. Variations occur in genes that are responsible for vitiligo. Another theory that relates immune system to vitiligo is about autoimmune problems, that is, the immune system attacks pigmented cells of the skin and destroy them. It is also associated with autoimmune diseases, as well as inflammatory problems. There is also an association of Addison’s disease with vitiligo, the adrenal gland disease being quite common in people that are affected by the condition of vitiligo.

How to cure Vitiligo organically?

Treatment that completely eradicates vitiligo is not yet synthesized. However, many measures can be taken to reduce the impact of the disease. Steroids, as well as ultraviolet light are applied as a cure for vitiligo. Phototherapy is one of the methods employed to lessen the impact of vitiligo. Similarly, sunscreen is found to have been effective in the treatment of vitiligo. Makeup can also be used to conceal the effects of vitiligo and to look normal. Similarly, hydroquinone as well as certain surgical techniques could be used to combat vitiligo, although it is worth mentioning that surgery is often the last resort, when all other treatments have failed.

Skin camouflage refers to the techniques employed in hiding the effects of vitiligo and to make the vitiligo less prominent to the eye. A number of different makeup styles are used to mitigate the effects of vitiligo. Alternatively, depigmenting of skin is also used as an option when vitiligo is extremely extensive. Different drugs are used to remove all of the color so that the skin as an even color as the aftermath. Such kind of treatment is chemical based and takes a lot of time to complete, often a year or more.

Another best method Vitiligo Natural Treatment that is gaining momentum recently is natural herbal medication. Herbal medication is practiced in many countries of the world, such as India, and is found to be quite effective. Different kinds of herbs are used, medically attested, in the making of the cure for vitiligo. A number of herbal remedies are employed to ensure that vitiligo is effectively reduced. A number of Ayurvedic medicines are used for Vitiligo Natural Treatment, which contain different kinds of herbs. Gingko Biloba is one of such herbs, which is a constituent of medicine for vitiligo.

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We hope we are your first choice for herbal medication.

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